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Switching Cellphone Providers

Extending the battery life of your smartphone is very important. The few extra battery life you can save can sometimes be crucial. What if you are in some location where you have no access for recharging the battery and you desperately need to make that phone call and then you hear that dreaded bleep signaling your battery is dead. Here are some tips so that you can prolong the battery of your smartphone.

It is not a good idea to charge your smartphone when it is already battery dead or almost battery dead. When you charge your phone on the brink of going out, you are just making it do more work and this will not help your battery.

If you use the vibrate mode more often, you should know that vibrate mode consumes more battery energy than when it is in ringing mode.

Remember that the lesser the apps running in the background of your smartphone means more energy saved by the battery.

You are not always in a location where there is WiFi right? So if you are not going online, it is better if you switch off the WiFi connectivity. You are giving your battery a break when you switch off that WiFi.

If you desperately need that last bit of battery energy and you have a locator apps, then you should shut off that locator apps. This apps constantly connect to the cell towers weakening your battery.

Use the power saving mode by dimming the screen of your smartphone. Bright screens use a lot of energy in your battery.

Have you heard a great accessory for the smartphone called the battery extender case? This amazing accessory works by adding power to your battery from a spare energy on the case extender.

If your battery is already two years old or more then it is time to replace it with a new battery. Please buy the original ones because they have more battery energy than the fake ones.

This is an old tip but still effective. You have to keep your battery out of the heat. Keeping your smartphone on hot areas will only shorten the life of your battery.

Turn off the push feature of your smartphone when you desperately need to prolong your battery life. This feature forces the battery to work harder, so if you do not need this then simply turn it off.

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