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Switching Cellphone Providers

Your cellphone stores a lot of valuable and personal information about you, your family and friends. Your phone stores the numbers of your family and friends and there are text messages and saved messages that may contain important information. If your cellphone gets lost or stolen, all those information may be used against you. There are ways for you to protect yourself from identity theft in case your cellphone falls into the hands of the wrong people.

Criminals will know who your close friends and your families are when they see that the names listed in your cellphone phonebook are home, husband, wife, sweetheart and other terms of endearment. This clearly identifies the people who are close to you. Just identify them by their first names or other systems which you can identify that wouldn't be obvious for the casual observers.

There are frauds and scam text messages that you may receive in your cellphone. If you receive a text coming from someone who claims they know you and they are asking for a personal information, you can try calling the number and verifying who the person is. If they really are who they say they are. You can always call the police if you suspect that it is a fraud or scam. They can assist you in tracing where the call and text are coming from.

If you believe your phone was stolen, you have to immediately report that it was stolen. In case your cellphone got lost, you can still report that it was stolen so that there is a report on file with the police authorities.

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